Lessons are either 30 minutes or 1 hour in length depending on age and current level of playing. For those who wish to work more intensively towards a performance, exam or other goal, I can offer a reduced rate for two lessons per week.

This gives prospective students the chance to get to know my teaching style and allows us to discuss your starting point.

To arrange a time to meet, please give me a call on 07542869982.

Things you might like to know:

When it comes to exams, I teach ABRSM syllabus

ABRSM (Ascociated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) exams give students a good structure for learning and offer well-respected accreditation. I work with students up to the advanced diploma.

I don’t think exams are the only route

If exams don’t appeal and you wish to pursue different kinds of goals, I am equally happy to work with you towards those.

I encourage performance

As an active musician myself, I believe music is at its most wonderful when it’s shared with other people. I encourage students to take opportunities to perform, whether for friends and family or in more formal settings.

I have an infectious enthusiasm for scales and studies

We won’t spend the whole lesson on them, but be warned that you might like them almost as much as I do before too long..


"So good at getting our 11yr old son focused. Very dependable and patient. Chris constantly works at communicating with our son and 9 yr old daughter. My boy now actually enjoys his practices. Both their violin posture and position has greatly improved which has impacted on making a beautiful sound."

Parents of Saul and Sassi Hinchcliffe

People say as an adult it is harder to learn new skills. Chris has a vast wealth of knowledge and does not stint to share it. Due to infinite patience and a passion for teaching adults hand in hand with a great energy, I feel I can achieve my goal to eventually play some folk/gypsy music. A wonderful introduction to the violin and music world.

Jacqueline, Sheffield